Doorking Model 1812 Residential Telephone Entry System

Doorking Model 1812 Residential Telephone Entry System
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The Gate Tech recommends the Doorking model 1812 for any single entry point where security and elegance are needed. It is offerend in several styles with and without video camera and is the most user-friendly telephone entry system on the market today.

The model 1812 is a unique telephone intercom system that allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at a front door or gate without the necessity to pay for an additional telephone line at their home. With its "intercom mode" programming feature, the 1812 can also be connected to a PBX or KSU type system, making it ideal for small businesses to control access through a single door or gate. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone. The 1812 is available in both surface and flush mount designs and includes the DKS auto-programming software for Windows, allowing homeowners to program the system right from their home computer.

The Doorking model 1812 is the ultimate home and small business entry device, it has many features giving the operator virtually unlimited control from any touch tone phone.

  • Full-Duplex Communication
  • Distinctive double-ring
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3 preprogrammed call out phone numbers
  • do-not-disturb time zone
  • >4 hold-open time xones
  • Built-in clock provides automatic relay activation
  • Time clock has its own backup power source
  • 50 4-Digit entry codes
  • Flash entry code
  • 2 relays for door/gate control
  • EEPROM memory
  • Auto-Programming PC software included
  • Power transformer included
  • 2-year warranty